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In this month’s edition of FO Perspective, I’m hopeful you can help me answer for myself the question: what are the issues and opportunities facing families and how can I help with them?

We won’t use the Wealth Equation this month. Although I’m sure I could find a way to describe myself as a resource to amplify a family’s human and relational capital pools 🙂

The Wealth Equation: FW = R (HC + RC)

In 2017 I realized I wanted to help families harness the power of their wealth to build stronger family cultures. In June 2019, that journey led me to working with Max and building Vesta Wealth Partners together. Now, because it is time for Vesta to transition leadership, given Max and I believe deeply in leading fulfilling lives, the time has come for Max to succeed myself with Max in the role of CEO.

The platform is in a strong position and Max is ready to be the CEO after his significant support for the business as owner, director and investment management teammate.

Max and Jared’s vision was that families like the Fortmullers deserved institutional-quality portfolio construction. Much like our investment strategies, we sought out to build a diversified business in delivering on this vision.

It has been quite the journey! Lots of stories, lots of growth, incredible learning. It has been a great success.

Not-so-humble brag: I’ve loved acting as a fiduciary for the Fortmullers, in my case my fiduciary role came in management of their business and single family office (“SFO”). The opportunity to integrate directly into the Fortmullers’ journey is something I’m very grateful for.

It has been a remarkable way to launch my journey in family governance to a whole new level, and with the growth mindset I have and desire to make an impact, now is the time to find new ways to empower entrepreneurial families to thrive.

So this update reaches you at an interesting crossroads for me. I’m actively searching for the right problems to solve and the biggest opportunities in family governance to make an impact. Here is my question:

  • What are the biggest problems (and therefore best opportunities) to help families harness the naturally destructive nature of money on human fulfillment and family culture?

I’m all ears, I have some ideas, and you are receiving this update as a dear friend that I’m certain has unique ideas of your own for me in supporting this mission. Thanks in advance for your comments.