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Empowering entrepreneurial families to thrive for generations.


So what is all this money actually good for? We put things into Perspective that dig into the details.



Healthy, wealthy and wise. How well are you managing the family wealth? A three-step program with you in mind.



An experienced trustee, tax lawyer, family office president, wealth management firm CEO and in-house counsel.


The Perspective of an Aspiring Sherpa

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The symbiotic beauty of strong advisor ecosystems

The symbiotic beauty of strong advisor ecosystems Read on to learn how to work and…
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Stewardship is a responsibility, not an accounting degree

Stewardship is a responsibility, not an accounting degree In this month’s edition of Family Office Perspective,…
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Wealth’s Complexity Ends Here

Life is complicated. Managing wealth does not have to be. I write every month regarding…
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Entrepreneurial Spirit – A Family Affair

Entrepreneurial Spirit – A Family Affair We are back at the beginning of the school…
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Sharpening our perspectives
FO Perspective
Wealth means well-being
FO Perspective
Experimenting with culture for success
FO Perspective
Control is more than governance

Embracing Challenge

I’ve thrived when challenged, starting during my days of organized hockey, then onto tackling a joint undergraduate law and business degree, from stepping into those early (scary) days as a tax lawyer, to my first startup, a multi-pivot diesel refining technology startup.

Most recently I lead a single family office’ acquisition of a wealth management platform, pivoted it and lead a significant growth phase. Throughout my life I have been comfortable tackling challenges. Now, in empowering entrepreneurial families to thrive for multiple generations, I’ve found my greatest challenge to embrace yet!

Adam can help any business family in a multitude of ways due to his diverse background which includes tax, law, startups and family business. Of all these skills I’ve witnessed him deploy, perhaps his best skill is his ability to listen carefully.

Todd MillerEntrepreneur

I’ve been in the trenches with Adam and would do it again. Smart, loyal and honest.

Craig LatimerEntrepreneur

Its easy to engage with Adam because of the trust I have in his advice. He pairs honest questioning with strong expertise.

Name WithheldIntrepreneur


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